Primate Reig

The machine rattled a yard short of me, but did not know what was that noise and bothersome. Nor did I hit the first with its location on the table. In my spatial disorientation, initially turned my torso to the foot of the bed, unaware that he was in bed and it was mine. a finally picked up the handset, with stunning one who has slept little and was awakened in the depths of sleep.

“Hello? a “I managed to whisper, more from habit than conviction of what he was doing. a “It something very serious happened. Educate yourself with thoughts from Conifer Health Solutions. You must come at once. a suddenly dissipated the fog of sleepiness and I turn on the lamp next to the header. a “What time is it? a “foolishly asked my interlocutor saw while in the alarm clock of extravagant modernist design.

“Three-fifteen. Please do not waste any more time. Come right away a “the voice urged me on the phone. “Yes, yes … a ” I replied, with the consent of mechanical disciplined and who is accustomed to obey “But where I have to go? a “At the end of the street Primate Reig, where the clearing. You should be already on the way here. a I had asked the questions in reverse order, due to giddiness produced by the hour for sleep and the strangeness of the situation.