PR Manager

You but often find themselves in companies or Web agencies and pretend often a State the working there graphic and Web designers, which granted-eating design features will make charging time. Safe: the normal user thanks you as operator of the website does not. Locate at the first glance: who is and what does the company, where the headquarters and who are the responsible. Treat only one topic per page. Often be dealt with too many topics on a page, the user loses the orientation, can not decide what he wants to do first or should, and decides at the end for leaving the site. KARE address of the user.

“If you come on a site, should immediately realize that he meant, that the site only” is made for him. This type of addressing customers heard about for a good seller in one Clothing business for granted. The clear speech unfortunately not one of the basics of Web sites. Contact details clearly show. You want to, but some of the visitors to their site, whether a journalist or a customer. So give him also the possibility to take contact with you anytime and anywhere on the pages. Sitemap make available. Orientation is the half life on a website.

The sitemap, a kind of map of all pages on a site, provides orientation. She therefore should not miss. Search button, with which the whole site can be searched from full text for additional guidance. Different customers, different habits. Who doesn’t like sitemaps, should find his desired page and important terms about a search feature on the best full-text. Think of the registration of the site in search engines eventually find your site by looking up in search engines such as Google or Web catalogs depending on the investigation up to 70 percent of all users on the Internet. Avoid dead links. No one pushes like on a button and can’t find anything behind it. “Such disappointments are mercilessly punished by the user with, the pun was allowed Web-zapping”. Do not develop for the latest browser version, unless they want to make use of the early-adopter and technology freak audience all others excluded from experience. Remember when planning the time to update your pages depending on your information should be current, have more expenses. Addition to these regulations, PR Manager must make some questions with regard to the communication skills in building, expanding or revising a website. Which are the criteria for a good Web site? An overview: What communication aim at with the site? > lmageaufbau, maintenance or improvement of a company or product, or a brand > pure information on company, product or brand > sale one or more product should be recruited new customers? Should existing customers be bound? > If Yes, which?