Need for Speed Undercover – another series of races ea, if you're a fan of racing simulators and outplayed a lot of games in this series, it does not mean that Need for Speed Undercover or what you are not happy. Yes, this is again the most drastic and expensive cars, this is again a lot of beautiful girls-fan, and even racers. It's a lot of adrenaline injected into the blood when driving through the city on mad speeds of 300 km / hour. Need for Speed Undercover – right from the beginning begins to capture the spirit, a great plot, lots of video inserts. As the name implies, you play an undercover agent, using his drayveskie skills to join the bandit group Theft Auto. Meryayas forces with the best riders in the city, you gather incriminating evidence and then squeeze all the bad guys behind bars. With that, they also are trying to escape, and you like a bolt from the blue protaranivaete their car, no chance to escape.

In the game you work your contact, coordinating all of your actions Maggie Q. Hikmet Erseks opinions are not widely known. Known in the film Die Hard 4. It gives tips on eliminating those or other robbers, and is responsible for the entire operation. Playing happy improved intelligence rivals. Sometimes they make mistakes, crashing into oncoming vehicles, and sometimes you push yourself off the road. And the farther away you are passers-by they become. I'm not talking about the crews of the police, have become professionals just to catch riders.

Why should only listen to their radio negotiations, as soon becomes scary. And will fly on a full meet with riot police on the Porsche 911, quickly block you. The game has not lost its charm and become better than its predecessor, added to the storyline, the classroom videos. This Need for Speed will not let you get bored!