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Now consider this alternative good but not great and the reason is simple there is too much competition in respect of clickbank products and the reason is that everyone wants to promote products on how to MAKE MONEY ONLINE by what the market is saturated in this topic possibly they may recommend other products to other markets could be more profitable business, but the problem is that ClickBank does not yet have a variety of products in the Spanish language so that all point to how to earn money online, that is why I consider in internet if you want to sell clickbank products you have to think in other markets and issues, is fluent in English possibly if you are getting a greater variety of products to sell product but in Spanish as there is not much variety to what I think is difficult to generate good income through this system and I refer to amounts over $ 1,000 dollars but do not consider it impossible, for example to me generates monthly income of between $ 300 to $ 400 without any advertising campaign or effort just using the free traffic to my page web, not much money but is by no means negligible.

THIRD ALTERNATIVE TO EARN MONEY ONLINE Another alternative to generate income online is through GOOGLE ADSENSE, are third-party ads you place on your website and when someone clicks on them you win a small portion of what advertisers will GOOGLE pay through adwords, say that without adsense adwords not exist, to actually generate revenue through adsense is because they have any number of visitors in your website, this is the only way to generate revenue through this system, I on one occasion had it on my website with which I count between 1100-2500 page views daily so I could generate an average of $ 10 to $ 15 daily income, Bone $ 300 to $ 450 per month sitting doing nothing, but unfortunately I canceled the account for the simple reason that my website is informative and contains many pages and so many of my visitors wrote me thanking me for the information he gave and in the mail informing me that they had made several clicks on google ads in the form of appreciation for all that did result in the cancellation of my account maintained with that website in Google AdSense, the problem is that they analyze each click and if they see something unusual and abnormal because they give you an ultimatum then cancelarte account, that I happened to be a good person and give free information on my website that many paid, but I count it anyway adsense other of my website as Peruvian cuisine which I generated an average of $ 40 per month in AdSense, is not negligible because if you look at it from another point of view because that website pays for itself and leaves me something else..