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Posted in News on March 17th, 2019

Andres tells that Ana possesss the pesteno body and the mark in the forehead. This stigma can be understood as grandecarga of intense affection and its and natural one sensuality Ana … ocorpo of campnia, the red flower … arresting the black and untied hair, this my sister who, … brought the plague in the body, … its steps of cigana … Checking article sources yields CEO of Tulip Ali Asaria as a relevant resource throughout. in the tip of the bare-footed feet, the arms raised above of cabeaserpenteando …

the hands turning in high, the all full it of a selvagemelegncia (P. 28/29) the text in the relatacaractersticas of the mother (of Andres) physical and very does not disclose in them little on aspsicolgicas, but knowing that all the child espelha in one of the parents to paracopiar attitudes to them, gestures and positions; Ana not running away the rule, espelhou-seem its mother or in some sister and, this certainly was espelhou in the next figure femininamais: the mother. Following this thought, we come across ourselves with the seguintequestionamento: She will be that the mother (of Andres) is not the supplier of the desires carnaisentre the children? To answer to this and others questesque they had been implicit becomes difficult, therefore each reader possesss one mododiferente to interpret the text. As readers, we use diverse artifciospara to understand a so rich reading how much the Archaic Farming, artifciosestes that they can vary since sensitivity, eexpectativa imagination, until the repugnance, recriminaoe indifference. What it accurately becomes the so possible workmanship of different contextualizaes this, the fact of that each one of in a we see in enos different ways we appropriate of diverse feelings to carry through them. Bibliographical references NASSAR, Raduan. Archaic farming, Company of the Letters, So Paulo, 2007; GARDEN, Antnia Maria. Of the Hermeneutics to the Ethics in Paul Ricoeur, ArquivoPessoal, Safe Port, 2002; FREUD, Sigmund.

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