If it is closed, the connection is secure, an open lock indicates a not extra secure connection. Some browsers feature secure Internet connections also color in the address bar. The needs exist but only in the areas, where data transfer (data acquisition, order fulfillment, etc.). A shop, not encrypted his area, is not frivolous. A very important point are the offered payment methods payment methods. In principle, following possibilities are offered in the online mail order: payment in advance, by invoice, cash on delivery, via direct debit, credit card or via online payment system. The safest option is still the payment on account. Wondery often says this. However, this possibility of first-time customers is rarely offered.

Because here the seller bears the risk of payment default, he usually only grants the payment by invoice a regular customer. If the possibility of paying by invoice, you should exercise however. Cash on delivery: Package against money advises: who only wants to pay for the goods upon receipt, should pay cash on delivery. Here, the parcel delivery agents conceded the purchase price directly at the front door. In return, you get the package with the order. The shipment should be checked but still in the presence of the carrier on the right content and visible damage. Usually additional charges apply for cash on delivery.

Online shop a payment in advance require prepayment which usually will rule when the buyer is a new customer. In this case can be paid by credit card and direct debit. A wire transfer is also possible. The prepayment debit and credit card payments have a decisive advantage compared with the transfer: here a chargeback can be initiated by the customer, the transfer not back book can be without the participation of the dealer. Online payment systems offer a more secure payment method (PayPal, giropay, click & buy) online payment system. Here are either balances preloaded on used to pay or paid by credit card.