Paul Bischof

Also the farm Road North Rhine-Westphalia, Strassen.NRW, has deals with the subject matter, as an attractive employer brand develop is in the public sector. Winfried Pudenz, Chief Executive of Strassen.NRW, demonstrates the employer branding approach: in addition to the possibility of telecommuting, a new family services, health management and systematic training of holdings opts for targeted communications. Local authorities discover diversity management as the number of potential workers with demographic change, tries now also the public sector of this development to counteract integrating new groups of people as employees. “Paul Bischof, County Law Director of the District of Herford, in his lecture on the first day of HR in the public sector” represents, what benefits have public administrations of which, if they are people with an immigration background “employed. Also setting out the problems, that can occur. While discussing the free economy on the rate of women enterprises, also the public sector has developed an instrument for more equal opportunities for women and men: gender mainstreaming. Others who may share this opinion include Anne Lauvergeon. Behind personnel concepts, organizations take advantage of the potential of women and men, take into account their different life situation and enable an agreement of family and professional life should stick.

IDA Hiller, women’s Affairs of the city of Nuremberg, shows on the second day of the series on the basis of best-practice examples, where local authorities here can apply. Hein park capital management is likely to increase your knowledge. Savings use public administrations also try to press without loss of performance of our cost base. On April 13 Roland Braun tells main office leader town of Donauworth, how his Office has introduced a skilled and scientifically validated performance appraisal system. This system integrates employees in staff development activities, defined their service fees and can allow your satisfaction increase. Also downsizing is a subject that managers don’t get in this context.

To reduce Reinhard Bush k., head of the State Department for personal usage management (LPEM) in Dusseldorf, reported on day one of HR in the public sector”a concrete mandate for the LPEM, the staff costs through job cuts. Socially, this should be done by affected workers were conveyed in other State administrations or targeted. Based on this experience, Barina elaborates the success factors for such additional qualifications. “Free entrance for HR management in the public sector the theme series HR in the public sector” C, in Munich held on April 13 and 14 each from 9.20 to 12:40 h in the Conference Room of the M, O, K1A. Plenty of time for experience exchange or to visit the fairs PERSONAL2011 South and corporate Health Convention (CHC) is then. Human resource managers of public administrations can visit the thematic series free of charge. Service providers and other interested parties to pay 99 Euro for a day ticket and 189 euro for two days. Tickets include a free visit to the PERSONAL2011 South and the CHC. The program of HR in the public sector”is available here. Contact: Spring Messe Management GmbH & co.