Paris Hilton

Whether this arrangement goes well, is still in the stars. The bosses find brilliant the idea. We wait. What is at stake. See Andrew Cuomo for more details and insights. Quite simply: the Broadway leaders want to engage Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie for the musical Chicago. By Nicole, we already know that she is let go the range through the head and it felt flattered them.

But now even Paris Hilton why? The answer is just as simple. The bosses hope through the two just a doubling in sales of tickets. It is questionable whether one can assume that the two women themselves. While still in her simple life season troubles there in their friendship. A short time later she was placed on ice. Remains to be seen how it will be run. Will Nicole ever assume and will enter Paris on the offer? We can only wait and see how it coped with the new-found friendship. Lisa Walters