Pallet Trucks

Pallet truck, due to the small turning radius is easy to manage from any angle. Steering wheel carts can be turned 105 degrees in each direction. They are suspended on a separate shaft than provides full contact with the surface of the wheels at any of the three (the extreme and neutral) position. The hydraulic mechanism is simple in design and reliable. Carts come with a nylon (plastic), rubber wheels and the highest quality polyurethane. Model trucks have a strong, rounded fork and powerful cone-shaped lever.

Handle relief is part of the control lever, which also serves as lift. Control lever has three positions: 1. For lifting cargo. 2. Neutral position, for transporting cargo. 3. For lowering.

The dimensions of hand truck may vary depending on the length of the fork truck 1150 – 1225 mm those dimensions that are familiar in working with cargo on pallets. Themselves forks can be equipped with a single roller or a rocking double rollers, if you intend to use the trolley and on uneven floors. On Today, hydraulic system trucks verified time, polished chrome piston is resistant to corrosion, scratches and bumps, and the pump usually has a double attachment, protection from leaks and ensures long life. Lift cylinder and pump form a single hydro, which are mounted tiller. Thus, the design eliminates the connection with the tubes or hoses. Today, rather widespread is the practice of third-party manufacturers of warehouse equipment in order to expand its product line acquired from the most respected truck manufacturers and distribute them under their own brands, staining in other colors, as a rule, the corporate. And besides, even place orders for the same plants where they are assembled under different brand names. That is why can be found on the market carts well-known manufacturers, such as 'PFAFF Silberbrau' (Germany) and say truck ysw (China). Structurally, they are absolutely identical, since going on the same factory in China. Those and other truck of good quality, but production ysw worth on average $ 90 less. Further international division of labor according to the wto determines the concentration of assembly plants where the taxes are small and labor of the workers relatively inexpensive. For quality and reliability of a purely European trucks have to pay $ 400-585 (depending on version), but the truck is not such a high-tech product that choosing a manufacturer must European pay taxes and work of the European workers. Pallet truck – maneuvering through small turning radius and a large corner of the steering wheel double to 105 degrees in each direction, facilitates work with pallets and other goods in warehouses, stores, car bodies, wagons, containers and other premises at any time of year. Applies to all coverages (not scratch, do not leave any traces on the floor, does not slide). Allows you to handle loads weighing up to 2.5 tonnes. All parts are securely fastened, all moving parts with greasers, which increases the service life.