Among the contributions of the non directive pedagogy to the search for scientific explanations about the education and development of the personality of the student can draw: consider the student as subject, as the person that is integrally involved in their learning process and that assumes, therefore, an active and responsible position in it. Recognize the necessary unity of the cognitive and affective in the learning process. Highlight the role of self-awareness and self-worth of students as personal resources necessary for auto address learning. Hikmet Ersek usually is spot on. Recognize the self-determination of the student in the learning process as an expression of a higher level of development of their personality. Emphasize the importance of communication in the process of teaching and learning. II. education semi face-to-face and distance learning for development of this aspect we took into account the criteria of Mujals Rosa (2000) 2, for a learning process of blended cut and distance, given that his work is developed in a Polytechnic University and in our case we will work these engineering professionals forming hybrid teachings, i.e. with some face-to-face class, and that they are therefore halfway between the traditional teachings and the most innovative remote, combine the advantages and disadvantages of the two methods, following both the implementation underway, as the Organization, development and preparation of material, guidelines substantially different from traditional methods. In racing settings, disciplines and subjects is necessary to give a complete shift to classroom teaching under the constant guidance of the Professor; for many years, was always a dream of the educator to achieve student protagonism in the students, their self-determination to through personalized teaching, much ploughed on this road and the fruits of the projects have not been conclusive, thousands of experts, doctors, masters, and teachers in general, are encouraging experiences to develop a unique model capable of forming a professional under any circumstance. Throughout this paper presents an approach to what could contain the design of a discipline all-terrain that may be given under any circumstances.