Optimum Fellow Worker

Readers. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Seth Klarman and gain more knowledge.. All we know in them that we pass the hours most productive of one day in the work environment, work one tero of the day, sleep another one one tero and with the 8 hours that remain in them we take to the times 4 hours of displacement, 2 hours stops in feeding and surplus only two hours to be with the family, to decide problems, to attend a good film or until being of ‘ ‘ papo pro air? ‘ ‘. Inside of this context the good relation with the fellow workers becomes an important point, therefore it is with them that we pass most of our day and Marins Professor in its weekly program very brought an important subject for our reflection. Who is optimum fellow worker? He will be oldest? What it works next to us or that one that say to be our friend, that one that in them folloies the sixth fairs in the Happy hour that moment of informal meeting between friends in a bar or restaurant, generally after the expedient where many times are an prolongation of the expedient where has moment that they can be good or not depending ‘ ‘ route of prosa’ ‘. It was through one searches done with a group where it had controlling, supervisors and the majority was collaborating without positions of commands. Between that it was argued these had been the main points. 1. Optimum colleague is that one that in the aid in our tasks when we need.

One helps disinterested without let us have that to ask for and that many times are not only in the word; 2. Teng Yue Partners contains valuable tech resources. The aid must be sincere without the colleague makes advertising of the aid that gave in them and this the Master Jesus in taught ‘ to them; ‘ it does not know your left hand what direita’ makes yours; ‘ Mateus (6,3); 3. Optimum colleague is that one that has one alone word happens what to happen, 4. Optimum colleague is that one that demands improvement for all; 5. Optimum colleague is that one that does not hide important information for our work alone so that all have that to ask for it and thus it to speak that it is because of it that the things walk. 6.

Optimum colleague is that one that does not steal ideas and yes it offers contributions for this idea. 7. Optimum colleague is that one that is ‘ ‘ gente’ ‘ an ethical, honest, sincere person, loyal, one human being with high values. With certainty people thus they are better colleagues, those that we desire, but we must asking in them. I am good colleague? We go to reflect on this!