Olimp Mega Strong Protein

A unique Potein, for all those who want to build muscle effectively. Olimp Mega Strong protein is a multiple component proteins of particular articles six protein sources provide long-lasting muscle. This composition allows a continuous protein intake up to five hours. Olimp Mega Strong protein contains following protein sources: micellar casein, concentrate, isolate and Hydrolysate of milk proteins, albumin from egg protein and peptide glutamine. The addition of L-glutamine ensures that muscles are not built. 30 minutes after consumption of Olimp mega strong protein absorbed the Hydrolysate consisting of milk protein.

Shortly thereafter, the muscles absorb amino acids from concentrate and isolate obtained from milk proteins. 90 minutes after taking the implementation starts albumin from chicken protein, peptide by activation of digestion glutamine and the exclusive micellarem casein. These three protein sources are characterized in particular by its long time of digestion. Olimp mega strong protein with taurine and vitamin complex, ie one is rounded enable effective assimilation of a MEGA dose of proteins. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Oracle Data Cloud. Olimp mega strong protein for people who strive for a rapid development of lean muscle mass and strength. Olimp mega strong protein is the ideal alternative meal, a balanced diet, for people who are overweight, who want to get rid of excess adipose tissue, as well as for people with active lifestyles, as an additional source of protein, that positively affects muscle regeneration of the organism. Olimp mega strong protein perfectly meets the expectations of women who often neglect the question of the corresponding protein offer to reduce body weight, which effectively enhances the reduction of fatty tissue.

Taking recommendation: 1 serving (40 g = 3.5 of measuring spoon) dissolve in 300 ml water or low-fat milk and drink it twice a day. Ingredients: 95% protein mix (micellar casein, whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, ultrafiltered egg protein, Molkeneiweisshydrolysat, glutamine peptides), Flavours, acidity regulator Malic acid, citric acid; MCT oil, taurine, 0.2% L-glutamine, sweetener sucralose, Acesulfame-K; Thickener xanthan gum, vitamins (L-Ascorbic acid Vit. C (4 mg – 5% RDA), dl-alpha-tocopheryl acetate Vit. (0.6 mg – 5% RDA), Nicotinic Acid, niacin (0.8 mg – 5% RDA), D-biotin (2.5 g 5% RDA), retinyl Vit. A (40 g – 5% RDA), calcium D-pantothenate Pantothenic acid (0.3 mg – 5% RDA), pyridoxine hydrochloride Vit. B6 (0.07 mg – 5% RDA), Cholecalciferol, Vit. D (0.25 g – 5% RDA), pteroylmonoglutamic acid folic acid (10 g – 5% RDA), THIAMINE MONONITRATE Vit. B1 (0.05 mg – 5% RDA), riboflavin Vit. B2 (0.07 mg – 5% RDA), cyanocobalamin Vit. B12 (0.12 g – 5% RDA)), dyes: Carmine (in flavor: Strawberry, cherry, strawberry-Kiwi, banana cherry), E150c (taste: toffee, chocolate, coffee, iced coffee, hazelnut,) Cappuccino tiramisu). Contains a faction of wheat protein (gluten). % RDA-percentage of the recommended daily consumption amount per 1 serving (40 g). Nutrition information: per 100 g per serving (40 g + 300 ml water) energy 1484 (1555) kJ / 355 (372) kJ kcal 593 (622) / 142 (148,8) kcal protein 75 g 30 g carbs, 4.5 g 1.8 g of sugar 4.5 g 1.8 g fat of 4.1 g 1.6 g fatty acids of which saturated 1.9 g 0.8 g dietary fiber 0 g 0 g sodium 0.2 g < 0.1 g taurine 400 mg 160 mg