Oak Grove

Beyond the wall is La Mula, El Faro and el Morro of Oak Grove and we have already entered into the West side of the island, which is relatively short and virtually occupied entirely by a vast sandy tip very appropriately called Playa Punta Arenas, a beach that offers us the transition towards the South coast, very different from others by being the face that gives to the Mainland and therefore the navigation channel between the island and the coast of Venezuela. All along this coast occur almost without interruption or transition, beach after Beach, all very similar, pebbly sand and waves bass, with a rather murky sea, passing through deserted and solitary beaches or crowded beaches, some missed by pollution as it is the case of those that are in the vicinity of Punta de Piedrasterminal of ferries that provide service to the island from the Mainland. Following the coast, however, arrives at Playa El Yaque, which although in terms of beach, it does not offer greater differences with which we’ve been touring on this side of the island has a tourist life very intense indeed as one of the best beaches in the Caribbean for the practice of windsurfing and Kite surfing due to the intense wind that invariably blows throughout the year and being therefore scenario of World Championships of These sports. More beyond el Yaque extends the less usable coast (in my opinion) Island, coast that borders this section and up to Pampatar, in the South-East end of Margarita, is the beach that runs all throughout the area most densely populated island, with serious problems of deterioration, dirt and contamination, so it seems to me that when you stop visiting them no we are missing anything at all. Newcomers to Pampatar, with its beautiful beach, its castle and its views can trace back again the coast to find us again at the starting point of our return to the island of Margarita. . blogspot. Nohelia related Blogs on beach water is with her friends VecinBella.com Un Blog Blog Archive Wasabi: lunch of sushi in Manuel Montt BCS guarantees beaches clean for Easter InfoVeracruz InfoVeracruz.com journalism to the avant-garde exhibition of Saladin to Sherezade: East in comics It is decorating a kitchen of the Caribbean decoration of houses tourism in Cuba, according to officials of the IMF Absolut Caribbean FITCUBA: international tourism fair Absolut Cuba A visit to Isla Margarita in Venezuela If Vacation Is All About Beaches, Margarita Island Has Over 70 . Visit Rick Caruso for more clarity on the issue.