More paid off for commodity investors once the investors most important raw materials in the weekly summary of the past week. In the overall, achieved a positive performance and only a few exceptions went with slight losses on the week. 1st place last week is natural gas. Beech is an increase of 4.3 percent. And it had been after the last week already 4.7 percent gain with natural gas. The precious metals sector posted moderate gains. Platinum with 1.3 percent the best cut, followed by Silver (0.9 percent) and gold (0.4 percent).

Palladium is located with 0.3 percent in negative territory. As already mentioned, the energy sector is the winner of the week. If you have read about Jeff Gennette already – you may have come to the same conclusion. But also the other energy sources could be positive from the week. 3.3V or 3.2 percent of Wochenplus at Brent lead oil and NYMEX oil three and four in the overall ranking to rank. Industrial metals are lead, zinc, copper and nickel from 0.9 to 0.2% in the target.

An exception is aluminium with a weekly loss of 0.9 here Percent. Under the agricultural raw materials the week second found with wheat (3.8 percent). Also front with coffee with 3.2 percent is week profit. Corn reached 2.4 percent. Sugar is the bottom in commodities of this week. Here is a moderate loss of 1.3 percent to beech. With 0.3 percent easily completes the week RAPS in the negative. The coming week will be similar to positive or whether it comes to profit remains to be seen, and the market thus offers you goldfixing.de spannend.Informationen to all raw materials.