Northern Irish Republicans

British racists traditionally focused their taunts in the Irish emigrants (poorest, least industrialized and Catholics). These, in turn, until a decade ago were very spied by that harbored supporters of the IRA. As the Northern Irish Republicans have exchanged weapons for the polls, terrorism seemed it is waning in the United Kingdom. However, recently has been sprouting a new wave of attacks made by natives. This time the ethnic group where the tira-bombas is incumbent is of more than two million anglo-musulmanes (which come from what were the two Pakistanes and whose number exceeds that of the Irish emigrants). Al Qaeda, unlike the IRA, launches kamikazes and seeks assassinate as much as possible of civilians. If the IRA was a product of the British annexation of the North of Ireland, the new terrorism is product have invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, which has enraged the Islamic minority and has fuelled the growth of a new racism that often insulting his Muslim as pakis. International analyst original author and source of the article.