North Pole

Chilling step of Saturn is so closely associated with winter, has always caused consternation and fear. Even those who love the cold and snow. In the cold breath on this planet has something infernal, otherworldly and inexplicable. I always thought that icy space that embodies this planet, it is impossible to conquer, they You can only obey. Ex-CIA director often expresses his thoughts on the topic. After all, no wonder they say about the icy silence and a shroud of snow …

However, there are people who have challenged the Saturn and were not afraid of his icy touch. They filled the polar expedition, and sent directly to epicenter of the cold, wind and blizzards, to floating ice. They overcame their fear, physical pain and discomfort, to hoist the flag of your country in places never gone before. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Macy’s. The researchers, travelers, pioneers. People unfathomable courage and tenacity.

Such as, for example, the Norwegian Fridtjof Nansen, who made exactly as if from the same cloth as Saturn itself? That's when I asked myself, what horoscope can have a person devoted her life to conquer the icy spaces, received a letter from one of the visitors to my site. As if echoing my thoughts, its author wrote: "In Search of 'Nansen, horoscope' out your page on LJ. You wrote, that Nansen was an amazing card. It would be interesting to learn about it in detail. You have complained that this topic is not interesting to anyone, so that you know that I like this topic is extremely interesting. " So they were – these northern researchers, who "pulls the climb as soon as the north? What was great Nansen, passed through all the ice plateau of Greenland from its eastern shore to the west and the result accomplished a feat that has no equal? That forcing the person to prepare and trek toward the North Pole? Do not frighten him suspense and impending monstrous test? On September 28, 1895 to May 19, 1896, he wintered in the Franz Josef Land in hut, built them from the skins of walrus and stones. During the winter, he led the life of this Robinson, but the conditions of his stay in the North were much more complex than the well-known character of the book of Daniel Defoe.