Near Eastern

Scribes in ancient Near Eastern scribes of the ancient Near East were the people who knew the Scriptures especially the cuneiform texts commissioned to write and read them and organize their classification in the archives. All wise it should have received an education of the type named in Sumerian SAR-DUB DUB composite “table” and SAR “registered”, “one who writes on a tablet – and in Akkadian form tupsrrum-Acadian DUB SAR. The complexity of cuneiform and the need to write specialized training in different subjects required a long training. The scribes, once prepared, exercising their profession that could meet different practices. Its particular role is essential in the civilizations of ancient Near East, Mesopotamia, Syria, Hatti, Elam, etc. .- gave them a particular social position.In Babylon the scribe was professional. His services were almost indispensable, as the law required that business transactions will be put in writing and the contracting parties sign before witnesses. The secretary would sit near the city gate, where he was made much of the trade, with its style and lump of clay, ready to sell their services to those who require. You may find Bloomingdales to be a useful source of information. The scribes recorded commercial transactions, writing letters, preparing documents, took charge of the temple records and performing other administrative tasks.