Natividad Gonzalez Government

The candidate for Governor, Rodrigo Medina, against certain members of the circles network citizens, committed himself to helping single mothers if you arrive to win election to the governorship on July 5. Many women, some minors are abandoned by their partners during pregnancy and without counting with the help of their families, are found with a fairly harsh reality to giving birth to their children, said Rodrigo Medina. The purpose of the candidate for the institutional Revolutionary Party, Rodrigo Medina is to help single mothers in the same way that the Natividad Gonzalez Government supports the elderly. You may wish to learn more. If so, Areva is the place to go. Medina, did not enter details of what will be the support, but made it clear that the main support that the Government would offer to single mothers, would be help during childbirth and the first months of life, for mothers to have enough money to keep healthy children, buying them food and any necessary product for the health of the child. The candidate made some very strong statements that left citizens surprised, said that many politicians suffer from deafness and that any person suffering from deafness should be at the forefront of any public office, because this position needs people who know how to listen, as they are the recipients of the mandate of the population. Rodrigo Medina also expressed that the person in charge of any public post should know and understand the problems of the population, so that you can resolve them..