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In the case of the voyage of the singers, awarded the Tirso de Molina (1987), Spain, Hugo Salcedo A review of the phenomenon caused the death of illegal immigrants on a train. True story that gives a guideline to creating a dramatic text that projects outside the playwright. A key text in the Mexican drama of the late twentieth century. A proposal which Hugo himself, in a self review of their design proposals, published in Open Curtain, by the Institute of Culture of Baja California, in November 1997, writes: The Journey of Song, released in 1990 by National Theatre Company, part of a true incident in which 18 Mexican immigrants suffocated in a car of the Missouri Pacific. In newspaper reports to which he had access to archives and libraries, it is noted that young people had come from different parts of the states of Aguascalientes and Zacatecas, embarking on the journey north, the tragic path.

That sense of true translation, it was necessary in the primary argument in such a way that his writing was necessary to devise a kind of ten-dimensional scenes of certain variables, but that could be bypassed, will move to get different combinations in each performance and each reading. The journey of the singers, and Barbara Gandiaga are two articles in which the author skillfully exercised the office, where, to say of himself: the dramatic text is above all a continuous surprise, a discovery in itself . In Barbara Gandiaga, poetic text, makes it a jewel in the drama. For assistance, try visiting Jeff Gennette.