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Posted in News on December 11th, 2014

In today's world, information technologies are in continuous development and today every self-respecting company has a web site that is her face, and advertising. Without a doubt, the possibilities of the Internet for product promotion are limitless, and so far advertising on the Internet is one of the most effective. With the Web producer can almost instantly globalize sales by offering their goods and services not only in its region, and in the world. It seems that everything that you need to do – is to create a version of the site or even one or several web pages on a particular language. However, not everyone knows that the translation of websites – as specific activities that often it is isolated in a special kind of translation services. Naturally, the translation of the website must be performed qualitatively, with all the features of such a transfer.

The notion of translation or localization of the site is meant not only the translation of textual material, but also adapting the structure of the resource and changes in connection with the translation process. Work on translating the site requires special patience and attention, because of the need to translate not only to convey information, but also performed the same function as the original, was clearly visible to search engines, and has been optimized according to Western rules. For this need to carefully translate every sentence, drawing parallels between the cultures of the source language and target language. When you localize the site in addition to translating the texts of Web pages, it is converted to other facilities: buttons, menus, Flash intros, as well as the site code – invisible to the user titles, meta tags, and its other sites of great importance in promoting the site in search engines. Therefore, for full containment website, a simple translation of the text will not be enough.

Page of the site will need to pereverstat, that is, create new using the translated text, and pereverstat so that their design is no different from original design. In other words, the translated website may not be distinguished from the original, except the language. Thus, the localization of the site involved not only translators, but also designers, web designers, and sometimes even programmers. Translation and localization of the site carried out in several stages: 1. Translation of web pages. 2. Translation modules. 3. Site optimization for keywords that are typical for a country of the target language. 4. Assembly and testing. Translation Site must comply with specialists well versed in the special rules and laws in today's Internet, or experienced translators in close collaboration with the webmaster and / or web-promoter. Translation site executed even if a professional translator, but without specifics the Internet may be useless (low attendance, and, as a consequence, the lack of demand for the promoted product or service) and even harmful (eg, a formal approach to the text of a translation, in general, the original, but to perceive audience is inadequate). We offer not only to translate the site, but his constant support, translation updates and additions. Translation of news and press releases. Transfer is carried out round the clock. Placing transfer to your web site in the presence of access keys. Privacy guarantee: We are ready to work with company providing support to your website for best results and solve all technical issues related to the transfer. Use the limitless possibilities of the Internet to promote their products and services to new markets not only in Ukraine but also abroad!

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