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Posted in News on September 6th, 2016

Monument – (in the narrow sense of the word) is a building intended to commemorate people, events, objects, and sometimes animals. Most often no other functions except the memorial, the monument has not. On cemeteries usually installed in the form of tombstones granite or marble slab inscribed with the engraving on it. The same plate can not only be strictly rectangular or square shape but play symbols of religion the deceased (for example, the cross in Christian cemeteries.) Most tombs are divided into two basic types: vertical and horizontal monuments monuments. Vertical memorial monument in the vertical performance is made in the form of a granite or marble slab flat shape cut out of stone or cast-Pressed from granite chips. Later plate is ground and applied to the required side and engraving inscription. Vertical sites tend to set one deceased. Cases where the monuments in the vertical version ordered for two or more of the dead did not quite frequent, but still have a place to be.

Standard on upright monument to one man placed the portrait, name and patronymic, date of birth and death. On the vertical monument as it is possible to place an epitaph, drawing and other elements of art (The cross, rose, candle, etc.). Horizontal sites for two or more of the dead, often set the monuments horizontal performance. For one person horizontal monuments, as a rule do not. On horizontal monument also posted pictures of the dead their names, dates of birth and death dates and, accordingly, all the artistic elements. Monuments with religious symbols as the bulk sites book, people who profess the Christian faith, the popularity of recently acquired sites with Christian crosses. This monument is made of either a cross or a cross is put on the monument in the form of a relief object. Such forms of memorials in recent years are increasingly popular and in many different designs can be increasingly found in cemeteries.

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