MLM Statistics

His thoughts on "Statistics Working in MLM" shared Anton : Impatience – it's death business in network marketing. That impatience and inability to wait is often the cause of the failed business. What am I doing? "Listen dear, you just sign the contract, and then money will flow a river " Do not worry, there will not have to plow "Our business is for lazy people!" Such slogans – a kind of Titanic in the Network Marketing. Thousands of people hated network marketing, only because of such views on the business Alas Plowing is necessary – it is a fact, and groin will be very much What do I mean by the word "plow"? The basis of network marketing – this is great figures this is a working statistic is months or years of work Be ready for it! What is a working statistic? Any result – this relationship. Value of what? Right! Value figures! Example. Purpose: I want to personally involve in this business is 100 people. This will help me build a business that has a structure in the 10000 people that will give me the opportunity to earn $ 5000 or more. Now actions betrayed "teapot": I spent 2 meeting, none of the contenders proposals are not accepted! Ooooh! this scam I was lured into a trap! " Business does not work! I will go and tell someone not to plunge Now actions betrayed "teapot", which decided to dig a little deeper: I held 10 meetings, and only 1 person interested.