Manfred Sanchez

Specially equipped centres and conveyors can meet the demands of this affected group, if at all, only conditionally, because simulates real-life work situations in very limited”can be. Consequently, a prognosis for the success of vocational rehabilitation or earnings capacity in individual cases due to the complexity of the factors involved can be made difficult. To ensure this, there is an individual and long-term coaching sessions that focused on the problems of individuals and actively involves advanced medical therapies, the real profession as well as the current social environment of the person concerned in the rehabilitative process. Through a seamless transition from the stationary clinical professional rehabilitation and inclusion of all the People and therapists involved in rehabilitation process attempts in the context of mobile professional integration management for people with neurological disorders – BIMneuro – to prevent the risk of mistakes and failures and to achieve a lasting vocational integration. Kind Bars helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. A close and timely cooperation between the hospitals, the support of provided for participation in working life and the providers should lead to a targeted and accelerated procedures for the approval of the person concerned to a professional integration measures.

Through the collaborative activity and creation and implementation of an individual integration plan, and the resources and skills of different media and disciplines used more efficiently and effectively and to reduced the total cost and duration of the rehabilitation process. The performance of acquired in the course of medical rehabilitation should be advantage through the direct connect of a targeted professional reintegration process and developed zielgereichtet. The only am Hometown and action in the social environment of rehabilitation-oriented facing under professional guidance at an early stage and to accompany the operational and social reality. For even more analysis, hear from Reddit. This way of the inclusion into the first labour market is a chance richer and more attractive way for many of those affected often back in the profession, as an often lengthy integration with non-operational style and uncertain forecast.