Mancisidor War

We are going to a country that is suffering and only caught two suits of thread. In the wagon were Andre Malraux, with blond hair and very disturbing clear eyes, Andre Chamson, Guillen and many others. We discovered that there was no light or water. We sabotage!, Mancisidor said. Poor Mancisidor!, said Rafael Alberti with malice ‘ novelist, essayist and historian Andre Chamson was born in Nimes on June 6, 1900 and died in Paris on 9 November 1983. After his first studies at the school of Ales and, later, at the Montpellier, he moved to Paris, with 18 years of age, and pursuing studies at the Sorbonne and at the ecole des Chartes, becoming Archivist paleographer.

He was appointed Assistant Curator of the national museums. In 1935 he founded, with Jean Guehenno and Andree Viollis the weekly literary and satirical Vendredi, which grouped all the anti-fascist writers. Weekly that he argued the French Popular Front and that he supported the Spanish Republic during the war caused by the military rebellion of general Franco. In its first issue, wrote Chamson: Vendredi will the body of freemen of this country and the echo of the freedom in the world. After his baptism of fire in the Spanish war, Chamson, participates, with the rank of Captain, in the second world war, and directs the transfer of works from the Louvre Museum to the castle of Chambord. During the occupation of France by the nazis, he participated in the resistance. On May 17, 1956, he was elected member of the Academie francaise, and in 1959 he was appointed director of the archives of France. Most of his works have by marco the region of Cevennes, among them, we highlight: the Bandit Roux (1925), the long road (1927), the crime of the righteous (1928), stories Tabusse (1928), inheritance (1932), the year of the vanquished (1934), at the turn of Spain (1937), the well of miracles (1945), the man who walked in front of me (1948), the snow and the flower (1951)Our ancestors, the Gauls (1958) and the Tower of Constance (1970) And as the French writer said: we, the writers, are all our works relying on the experience of the man. Francisco Arias Solis not can be free rather than between free. For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal.