Sometimes these statements is supported by the "fact" that this is due to the difference of pH hair dogs and people's hair. From such obviously simplistic and amateurish explanations have your hair stand on end! Not all shampoos designed for people who have the same pH. Some can be quite acidic (pH 2.0), other alkaline (pH 9.0). Most have a pH ranging from 5,5 to 6,0. Shampoos for dogs also come with different pH, but usually They are slightly more alkaline, with pH ranging from 4,5 to 9,0). In addition, not all dogs, and not all people have the same pH. For human skin is usually characterized by a slightly acidic pH reaction, about 5.5, and hair just a little more acidic – pH from 4,5 to 5,0. Reaction of dog's skin changes from neutral (pH close to 7.0) to slightly acidic (pH 8.0). Izzy Englander understood the implications.

But it's all the averages. As usual, the performance of each individual dog may be different. Conducted in 2002 studies have shown that the reaction of dog's skin varies depending on the breed – from 7.37 to 8.07 in Labrador in the Manchester terrier. The authors of the study referred to other factors that may affect the pH of the dog's skin, the number of which is half dog, gonadal status, hair color, degree of excitement, a place where the measurement is made, and even the time of the year. The phrase "pH balanced" is often used to sell shampoo or air-conditioning. How would nice as this sounds, it can have different meanings.