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Contribution savings up to 40 percent in the car! The contributions increase significantly for nine million people with health insurance in the car. Above all insured persons over 55 years of age have to contend with massive increases in contributions in the past. Switching to another insurer is not recommended, since this lost the retirement provisions and would be expected even with a rejection. A change of the insurer may be considered, if the contract is not older than five years. Solution: Change the tariff and lower non-wage costs! A fare change by the insurer as more sense and was insured for car more important than ever.

Through a rate change, you can save up to 40% of your posts at the same level of performance. The age provisions are transferred to the new tariff. For companies the advantage of reducing the non-wage costs if these employees who are insured in the PKV also therefore arises. The problem: Many insurers deal with your customers, if this request a rate change without help. Also, the insurers hold back jungere-cheaper fares. PKV insured should turn always an insurance consultant who represents the interests of the clients.Many members also believe that it is sufficient to go to his insurance agent or broker, but this may not exercise such activity, because it also is legal advice. Agent or representative should anyway hardly have an interest, to help their customers, since it receives no commissions and he is corrupted with his client to a tariff change could, if it comes to Commission negotiations. It therefore already an insurance adviser should be activated, because new rates with risk premiums could be connected, if there is any hidden additional services, which may be unnecessary. Therefore, always a detailed list of additional services should be encouraged. Publisher / author: Firm mumber & Associates UG (haftungsbeschrankt) power energy and passion Managing Director: Andreas mumber Internet: contact: