Managing Director

“Administration free digital archiving provides safety data protection is still underestimated in its importance or simply lost sight in the daily business”, explains Ralph Norman of Loesch, Managing Director of the BvL Office systems Vertriebs GmbH, which “has developed the BvLArchivio. While Board members and Managing Director may be asked after the stock and act personally to the cashier if they violate their duty of care. Companies in addition to compensation have in cases of abuse. Millions can get together there.” Data protection via plug and play”Ralph von Loesch is recommended to take the million fines recently imposed against companies such as Lidl and Deutsche Bahn, for the occasion, to think about effective data protection. BvLArchivio”is this a useful building block: in conventional digital archiving procedures one of the main problems is the uncontrolled and unprotokollierte Data access unless for EDP administration through its own staff or external specialists”.

A special feature on BvLArchivio is now that the operating system is already available on an integrated hard disk. Separately there is a data – and two locking plate this strict separation between operating system and maximum data protection ensures data, eliminating the usual uncontrolled data access at computer administrations.” The world’s first prefabricated box system for the archiving digital therefore without software installation and computer training and is therefore cost-effective. The 30 x 40 x 30 cm large is connected to network and power grid box according to the principle of plug and play”and is immediately ready for use just a browser to access is required. Without post processing easily and quickly per box up to five archives can be applied, which may include the contents about 20,000 orders. The archiving of the files is done directly from your PC in any format, paper documents by simple scan. A full-text indexing in combination with a barcode identifier of archive assignment (stamp or sticker) it eliminates any post-processing. “Saved is tamper proof and encrypted in the long term archive format PDF-a”. While each employee can use the archive for research purposes through the Google-like BvLArchivio search engine, the archival authority over the allocation of key can be adjusted.

Interfaces also enable the automated archiving for example, from accounting programs. BvLArchivio is certified according to the highest standard IDW PS 880 and thus meets all fiscal and economic conditions. The system to have a comprehensive service of the manufacturer is for a rental starting already from 99 per month is included. About BvL Office systems BvL Office systems Vertriebs GmbH specializes in the development, manufacturing and the distribution of innovative IT solutions. The company has existed for 20 years and now 20 employees at its headquarters in Berlin.