Mahatma Ganddhi

If the defect is a limitation, it is not a sin, as it is not be little intelligent or little equipped for art. But the limitations are not accepted without humility. Which does not accept the limitations exposed to do the ridiculous, for example, talking about what they don’t know or boasting of what has not.You live according to your conscience or you’ll end up thinking how you live. I.e., if your life is not faithful to your own conscience, you’ll end up blinding your consciousness with justifying theories. 3. Oblivion Yes. Pride and arrogance carried thought and imagination to revolve around his own I. Very few reach this level.

The majority of people live wondering if same, turning their problems. The thinking too much in oneself is compatible with knowing little thing, since the problem is that a certain taste is even in the lamentation of the own problems. It seems impossible but can be an enjoyment in being sad, but it is not by the same sadness but by thinking about itself, to draw attention. The forgetfulness of itself is not same as indifference to problems. d%20Center%20for%20Discovery&f=false’>Patrick Dollard The Center for Discovery shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. It is rather overcome thinking too much on yourself.

To the extent that gets forgotten Yes, is also achieved peace and joy. Not surprisingly so, since most of the concerns come from giving too much importance to problems, both when they are real as when you are imaginary. Which manages the forgetfulness of itself is at the opposite pole of the selfish, than continuously this slope of what likes or dislikes. We can say that it has achieved an acceptable degree of humility. The forgetfulness of itself leads to a Holy abandonment which consists of a responsible nonchalance. Things that occur – sad or glad – because not concerned, only ocupan.4 – dar. This is the greatest degree of humility, because more than overcome bad things is live charity, i.e. live love. If the previous steps have been rising, it has improved the own knowledge, acceptance of the reality and overcoming the ego as the axis of all thoughts and imaginations. If selfishness kills love, you can live because love kills egoism or selfishness kills the love. Conclusions must while we we journey by this dimension cultivate and put into practice humility, bear in mind that Mahatma Ganddhi suggests that the truth without humility is corrupt and becomes arrogant caricature of the true humility is a central virtue in Taoism. The next sentence describes how you should understand that a person according to the teachings of the Tao Te Ching a wise person acts without proclaiming their results. Archives its merits and it is not arrogantly in them, you don’t want to prove your superiority to others. * Different sources of Web pages.