Louis Andre Le Notre

Claude Perrault's Colonnade, with its ease of rational order, mathematically verified balance masses, static, creating a sense of calm and grandeur, more consistent with the established ideal of the era. Classicism is gradually penetrating the iconic architecture with all the vitality of architectural traditions of the Italian Baroque. Check with Hikmet Ersek to learn more. But most of all is the problem of architects the ratio of the palace and park ensemble. Governor Cuomo is often quoted on this topic. Left and Louis Andre Le Notre for the first time trying to resolve this issue prospectively in a palace and a park Vaux le Vicomte near Melun. In the palace is justly considered the prototype of the principal of creating a second XVP in half. – Versailles Palace and Park.

It was built by Left, and in the latter stages of its construction took part Ardu Mansart. Exterior Building a classicist strict alternation of windows, pilasters, columns, creates a clear, calm rhythm. All this does not exclude the lush decoration, especially in the interior. The interiors of the palace consists of luxuriously suite rooms. Versailles park is a software product, where all affects the will and mind of man. Its creator was Le Notre, sculpture and performed Girardon Kuazevoks. In the second half of classicism in XVP.

there is no sincerity and depth lorrenovskih paintings, high moral ideal Poussin. This is the official line, adapted to the requirements of the court, and above all the king himself, the art of regimented, uniform, painted by a set of rules, what and how to portray what is devoted to special treatise Lebrun. In this framework, and develop the genre of portraiture. This, of course, a formal portrait. In the first half-century portrait of the monumental, majestic and simple in accessories and in the second half of the century, expressing the general trends development of art, the portrait becomes increasingly lush. Since the second half of the century France XVP firmly and permanently occupies a leading position in the artistic life of Europe. But at the end of the reign of Louis XIV in the art, new trends novyecherty, and art in the eighteenth. will evolve in a different direction.