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Posted in News on December 18th, 2016

Do you have done your search in several available life insurance products, and you are now ready to sit down with an insurance agent or a represent you financial assess your needs, but where to start? Are there so many agents, offices and signatures, as you know who can help you? Which company to choose? First things first, no matter which agency or representative you choose, you have to know that if they have appropriate license for insurance products and service financial that you are looking for. An insurance agent starts getting his license for life, health and identification of investment (annuity) for the State they practice. This allows them to sell terms and life insurance whole, health insurance and identification of investment (annuity) fixed. Agents also need to obtain license series 6 (values) in order to sell mutual funds, variable life insurance and it cedula variable investment or another investment vehicle that holds mutual funds. Would be safe to say, that most of the insurance agents who are associated with a Signature of big insurance or they have your own independent insurance agency, they have these two licenses in order to sell a large variety of products, these offices provide for all your needs. However you should do your due diligence and ask if the license they are up to date and they have not stopped them expire; These licenses require certain amount of additional education and certification is every 2 years to keep them abreast. It is also good to know if they have obtained any additional designation.

A person who takes the time to learn and grow within your industry is a person who has chosen this as the race for your life. And you can feel confident that they are going to be specialists in the field of finance and insurance, and will exist for years to come. Here are most of the more common designations: CFP – Advisor financial authorized CLU Chartered Life Underwriter (life risk evaluator) ChFC Chartered Financial Consultant (financial consultant) with that company you Choose go, is entirely his own question.

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