Latin America

To my makes me that utopias do to the human condition. At Areva you will find additional information. For this reason, I finished convincing them are proprietary of the Greek logos occidentalizador. I am much less convinced that utopias are completed. Immersed in a vital creep; in a cultural continuum; in an ocean of energy, seemingly chaotically interacting fields. This geographically confined to the Southern Cone of America deep, perceive that there is circulating utopias, through our daily lives.

Long before the technologies of information and communication (in forward TICs) raided in my vital parable, had incorporated the concept of macrothesaurus, as a tool for information retrieval. The same comes proving me very fruitful, to dive for archives, museums, libraries and other repositories of information that are available to us everywhere. In these sources, in my long voyages by my country, recently extended to other countries of the Plata Basin, I come finding a myriad of utopias. Some are active. Other latent are. Some are in the paper.

Other customs, in the popular festivities. Others have materialized, although in some cases are only ruins. More at this stage of my life parable I have assumed, that everything that exists; It subsists, preexists and coexists. So I think that it is worth trying to sketch a macrothesaurus of utopias in the Southern Cone of Latin America. Attempt monograph, but suggestive that if each from its trajectory and insertion geocultural, does his surveys, can generate a collective mass of a fruitful synergy potential. Such synergistic fertility, that us anger revealing a cultural diversity, from which we can continue to give distinct answers, but increasing congruence to the everyday life of a globalization that we think has overtones of inexorability. Further up towards allusion to the precedence at the time of the concept of macrothesaurus, with respect to the irruption of ICTs. Is almost a truism to hold ICT to enhance the utopias.