Latin America

Brazil is the most unequal country of the world. Congratulations to Lula, the socialism and the Party of the Workers! Brazil is number one! In last the two decades, the Gini index, that measures the inequalities of the nations in a zero scale to one, has improved in Latin America in 0.03 points, hardly happening of 0.55 in 1990 to 0.52 in 2008. (While more stop the number, major the inequality). The unique country that registered one ” notable” reduction of the inequalities, was Venezuela, that diminished 0.09 points registering a Gini index of 0,41. What it does not mean that people became richer, but on the contrary, all became poorer equaling itself in the misery.

Brazil became rich because the lefts – that are those that arms the messes when they govern the rights did not interfere with the free company. But the government did not foment the intellectual advance, that is the base of the progress. Instead of to spend in education, they promised to construct stages. Rousseff is inheriting the country of always where the masses are satisfied with soccer and carnival. If the middle-class supports it, as it happened to Lula, it is because they fear to the PT and they assume that if continues in the power they do not touch his patrimony. But with these there are no guarantees. Also there are incognitos on the future of the diplomatic relations.

Most unnatural they are with Tehran. Which is the opinion of Rousseff on the sentence to the lapidacin of the women accused of infidelity? What thinks of the honor murder of which they lost his virginity outside the marriage? They agree those norms with the progresismo that announce the Brazilian lefts and women? It would be necessary to ask to them reciprocally the Ayatolas what think of her? Unfaithful divorced twice, an independent one, released. What think of the travestismo, the homosexualismo, the nudism and the sexuality abierta of the Brazilians? Which is his to feel about tangas? They will be exported to Tehran? ” democrticas” lefts do not find contradiction embracing to the radical Muslims nor to the bolivarianos cavemen. After all, if something characterizes to progresa is its facility of arrangement by convenience and its lack of principles. The encounter between Rousseff and Ahmadinejad is going to be charming. Like gesture of brotherhood and empathy, the next agent chief executive would have to invite the Ayatolas to enjoy of the carnival of River.