Kromer World

Its first anguish was to understand that, to arrive to be as its parents, it needed to follow a long way, that ' ' another world always followed bordejando that one more dark and to the times in it penetrated all, not being of impossible that in it somebody remained and disappeared in its shades proibidas' ' (P. 11). After counting to advantage to the colleagues fantasiando a history on apple robberies, Sinclair passes to be chantageado by Franz Kromer, a older boy of public school, that threat to denounce it. With fear, Sinclair creates a distance of the family, collecting itself it the solitude while it is under influence of the shady world of Kromer, will mark that it of deep form: ' ' the adult, who learned to convert into concepts a part of its feeling, menospreza such concepts in the child and finish for thinking that the feelings had also not existed that had given origin to it. Of my part, I can say that few times in the life I lived and I suffered so intensely as in those tempos' ' (P. 37). This fact contributes to extend its vision of world, and Sinclair perceives that its father (as any another human being) is not perfect. For it this was ' ' the first crack in the beddings on which my infancy rests and that the man has that to destroy to be able to arrive itself mesmo' ' (P.

20), in aluso to the complex of dipo de Freud. The way that takes itself exactly a new pupil arrives at the school. Max Demian demonstrated to security and certainty in its ideas, and if it carried as ' ' an investigator looking for solutions for problems capitals its eyes saw the things as the eyes of an adult, with that expression, one in such a way melancholic one, furrowed of irony lightning, that never meet in crianas' ' (P.