IT As A Service For The Nursing

Netzdesk flexible and safe work with in the cloud without their own hardware and administration of Berlin, 12 September 2012. Netzdesk, the the Berlin network best GmbH, IT-as-a-service solution was extended specifically for use in care facilities. Companies in the health care sector can use IT in the future as a service. With netzdesk, IT is safe and reliable without own administration costs for servers and infrastructure. Netzdesk is suitable for care farms, because IT thereby for all nurses in the cloud from anywhere from available is.

A simple Web browser is sufficient to access the usual Windowsarbeitsplatz to edit for example documentation. Even companies with several locations benefit from the IT from the cloud and can save administrative effort and costs. The network best GmbH, which has developed netzdesk, manages and advises nationwide care institutions around their IT. Netzdesk is designed to provide a reliable and cost-efficient IT to smaller enterprises, as in deployed by large corporations. This can be – applied netzdesk very easy no-hassle installation and administration.

A separate server must be no longer used and maintained. The operation must no longer worry about its IT and saving hardware and electricity costs. A further advantage of the IT-as-a-service solution is the scalability to meet the needs of the company: in the future pay maintenance companies only the IT applications that actually use them. Depending on how many employees or which applications the business needs, packages can be booked per month or cancelled. How does netzdesk work? The complete virtual workplace is provided by network best in a German data center and maintained. With netzdesk, the applications are installed centrally and can be used from everywhere via Internet connection. Networking allows the communication and data exchange with mobile workers. So the staff in nursing can sync at any time online and with the Nursing service management information exchange.