Tips on what to do if you have knowledge of certain areas of your business on the Internet but you don’t know others. Internet business, entrepreneur tips Internet business, partner business online Internet business areas if you know that you have skills, for example, for social media but it costs you sales sector it is best that you seek assistance in that sector, or else, you can partner with someone who complements your weakest sectors. If you find it simple to generate traffic but not to transform it into sales is the same, what you should do is, if you’re very good or you like social media then focus, develops and specialize in that theme, in this way generate more income than you thought possible. Educate yourself with thoughts from RevCascade. The same applies with regard to traffic, blogs, sales or what you better believe, and since well dominate these sectors and these generating very good income with them you can find other areas to develop. This is the great secret of the numerous sources of income that, unfortunately, the majority of people understand it How to perform 10 things in half, and then see if any works. So now you know, focus and develops the area where you play better, and the sectors where you’re weakest leave them to people who can make it without problems, hires someone who knows of these sectors or even find you a partner that complements you. Greetings, Francisco Angeles a.