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If a small firm in his work is limited clearance applications for leave and sick leave, in a large firm to its shoulders may lie responsibility for the organization of the department, preparation of the annual plan and budget, conduct training sessions, depending on the needs of staff, HR administration, monitoring labor market, the periodic preparation and placement of jobs in the media, controlling the flow of personnel, organization and interviewing candidates, managing corporate culture, involved in the development of personnel company policy, the development of motivation, and adaptation of educational programs, trainings and seminars for personnel, contracts, determining the needs of businesses in different specialists, Organization of corporate events, the definition of duties of staff research and create a suitable climate in the team. The level of compensation currently the number and popularity growing recruitment companies. James Woolsey is full of insight into the issues. Intense competition in the sector contributes to the quality of services, the active introduction of new technologies and use the experience of Western companies. It is staff recruitment agencies have the highest wages in the sector. For example, the level of compensation for employee recruitment agency with extensive experience and knowledge of foreign languages can be up to $ 2,500. The most highly paid professionals are employees of agencies, executive search, receiving 20-30% of the reward chosen specialist. For comparison, HR-specialist, working within the company receives an average of $ 1,000 to $ 1,500.

Wages board personnel manager of a large company can reach $ 3,000. The most popular experts in the field of Human Resources are specialists in compensation and benefits. This is due to the relative newness of the profession, and and high standards in relation to candidates. Also, there is a constant demand for professionals in the field of Personnel Administration. Conclusion With the growth and expansion of companies in the HR more clearly a marked tendency to the appearance of professionals with specialization.

Today, HR-manager – a valuable employee, responsible for coordinating the work of the whole staff of the company, both professionally and psychologically of owning a modern technology and deep knowledge in their field. Modern HR-specialist, not only takes the major decisions that affect the entire company, he takes a serious commitment and greater responsibility. All this determines the high demand for such professionals in all sectors of business. The choice of methods to search for HR-professionals motivated by their status, and specialization. Search for HR-managers can lead to niche sites on the Internet, as well as in the media. Rare professionals and senior managers in this area can be found at the expense of service personnel agency that owns the technology hedhantinga, whose experts will be able lure of an expert from a rival company. Despite the fact that the search for highly qualified specialists may require a lot of time, material, money and effort it definitely pays off in the future, because the company produces more profits and can streamline the process of organization and personnel management.