Internet Services

In most cases, the phrase 'internet services' on the message boards so development services, hosting or website promotion. But even if we have in mind something else, this little article will help you make your the most effective ad. Pricing policies usually say how much it will cost website design with no technical specifications or even a rough description of the client very difficult. However, for efficiency Ads should think about the prices. If you know a site the company can not cost less than $ 1,000, but you probably will not take a client for a site above the $ 2,000 that is about it there and write. This can be specified directly in the ad title – "We offer a site the company from $ 1000 to $ 2000." is important to the client to contact you by any convenient method – phone, e-mail address in this case can be extended address of your studio, website address, Skype, icq. Portfolio not be amiss to add as an example a few pictures of your previous work. If you offer web hosting, then write all of his options and price, as well as information on additional opportunities..