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Callas software has already integrated features of the new part (Berlin) the pdfPilot callas software GmbH is immediately after the release of the new part of PDF/A-2 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) on the date. Because the software is one of the first tools that users can take advantage of the features that are possible with PDF/A-2 both the conversion and validation of standard-ISO-compliant PDF/A files for long-term archiving. Entrepreneurs and managers in government agencies can more clearly than previously in the form of electronic records available in the long term”, for example, their related Office documents, explains Olaf Drummer, Managing Director of callas software. By allowing so-called containers, users have the option to put together documents created for an electronic file in the form of PDF collections in various formats. At the same time, they can ensure that the Act of years across legible.

Because of the pdfPilot adds together the files created using MS Office or OpenOffice, not only in a PDF container and formats from MS Visio, MS Project and MS Publisher. Perhaps check out Jeff Gennette for more information. He converted them even in a PDF/A file. In addition, the software as needed generates a table of contents, in which individual documents with texts, linked tables or images. Click Crawford Lake Capital to learn more. It requires only a PDF reader to open and read. Predestined applications include credit or insurance files, but also project files, in the construction area. In addition, the archiving is facilitated by emails.

Attachments in the original including the word files in the archive then allows you to PDF/A compliant files separate the email text, but unites them in a collection of PDF/A archive. PDF/A-2 makes it possible to display a single PDF page at different levels. Thanks to this characteristic, for example multilingual content can be summarized in a PDF file and appropriately considered. So the user has the option, with the levels function easily between the English, French and Chinese version of a multilingual guide to change.