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Posted in News on December 30th, 2017 lives in the Internet – supported by and many others the decision of the RBB to stomp the flagship integration program radio Multikulti, met many surprisingly. Berlin, 23.2.2009 – the decision of the RBB to stomp the flagship integration program radio Multikulti, met many surprisingly. The institution of public service broadcasting had justified the setting with savings constraints. Since the beginning of the year, continue 15 former multicultural employees on the Internet. Western Union Company has much to offer in this field. With the encouraging result: The Web radio multicult2. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Josh Wexler. 0 yesterday launched his live program. The Berlin-based PR Agency supports radio multiult2.

0 in the press – and public relations. Project Manager Brigitta Gabrin business said in an interview: “What does a multicultural channel for the Berlin region?” Brigitta Gabrin: “we are convinced that our project will (…) strengthen Berlin/Brandenburg as the International Media Center in Germany In addition, we make radio for immigrants in their native languages. This not we focus such as other transmitters on the handset from the traditional Anwerbestaaten. We are the only station that has a Vietnamese program on offer, so for a group of listeners, who lives mainly in the new Lander and for which no need with a radio broadcast was detected in North Rhine-Westphalia E.g. nationwide. Here, we provide a basic service. We also send in Persian, Albanian, Kurdish and in South Slavic languages. In the future more languages are added.” The focus of the program the CultMagazin, which should provide listeners with latest news of politics and culture, am from Monday to Friday Internet radio announced.

In the daily report captured focal point topics from Berlin and Brandenburg should be treated. Tips for CDs and movies, an international press review as well as the broadcast of eco Mondo – life and environment are complete according to the program. The new Web radio is financed according to own exclusively through donations. The employees work on voluntary Base.

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