International Labour Organization

The President of the Partido Popular (PP), Mariano Rajoy, said that if his political grouping rises with victory, will require immigrants to sign a contract of integration, which advocates strict compliance with laws, respect Spanish customs, knowledge of the language, immersion in the society of the host country, as well as commitment to return voluntarily to their countries of origin in the case of not finding employment during a period of 12 months. In addition, contemplates the immediate expulsion of foreign criminals, measure that counts with the approval of the vast majority of immigrants, little prone to be associated bands of evildoers. The authorities, for their part, agree to granting to immigrants the same rights enjoyed by Spanish citizens, to facilitate their integration and respect their beliefs and customs, provided that they are not contrary to legal regulations. According to the leader of the PP, the contract would have binding force, which would lead to the modification of the existing Aliens Act. There is who believes that the project of the people’s Party is a mere copy of the Sarkozy law. However, the President of the PP is selling its proposal to the EU’s conservative leaders that serve as a basis for the elaboration of a new Community legislation.

The initiative of the PP leverages the discomfort created by the dramatic increase of the unemployment rate in Spain among the immigrant population, more than 38.4% in the past 12 months, bringing the number of unemployed foreigners more 240,700 people. For the left-wing parties, these proposals infringe the rules of the social contract, i.e. a compromise in which both parties accept and assume both their rights and their obligations. But that does not require any signature. Who is right? Who is wrong? In the 1970s, the International Labour Organization (ILO) published a report on which stated that the inhabitants of the industrialized countries, 18% of the population worldwide, controlled 80% of the planet’s resources. The authors warned that it would generate significant migratory flows from the South to the North. And in the past 30 years of development and immigration policies have shone by their absence. In this context, who seek to resort to computer surveillance of EU borders seek to evade, for the umpteenth time, the debate on the real roots of the problem.