The company "INTELIS-Automation" is a new software product – "INTELIS: Document management 8." This solution allows to minimize the financial costs of paperwork, save time harmonization of documents, track the status of running processes and analyze load of staff through the formation of various logs and reports. The system allows you to coordinate the interaction of units and individuals to each other and provide non-stop workflow. The software product "INTELIS: Document management 8" – a decision that is implemented on a platform of "1C: Enterprise 8.1." With it is possible automate the complex: – the work of the office (including registration documents, keeping the range of cases, distribution and control the location of paper documents, share documents, check e-mails, scanning and detection of paper documents, creation and retrieval of documents by barcode, etc.) – management agreements (approval and registration of contracts and related documents, as well as operational work with them) – management meetings (preparation and holding of meetings (coordination of space and time, participants, agenda)) – business process management (creation, processing and movement documents (docflow) and automation of arbitrary business processes, not related to documents (workflow)); – archive management (safe storage and effective use of information, access to information from virtually any geographically remote location, integration with other enterprise information system, storage of electronic versions of documents and account information, document, identification of electronic documents according to the requisites, reporting on user electronic archive, etc.). The software product "INTELIS: Document management 8" can be used as a separate program, and easily integrated into any software products, based on platform "1C: Enterprise." Licensing the software "INTELIS: Document management 8" is as follows: The software product "INTELIS: Document management 8" licensed regardless of the platform of "1C: Enterprise 8". If you would like to know more then you should visit Everest Capital. The license for the platform of "1C: Enterprise 8" and a license to work with "INTELIS: Document management 8" sold separately.