For more than 25 years I have had the opportunity to help the right people protection of their vehicles South of the border.Over time, I have compiled a list of the questions Chicago to the insurance companies in mexico.It is ironic that most of us buy our coverages of insurance in the United States.UU. with great care, however, use a less strict criterion of care in buying coverage for Mexico. When you buy any kind of insurance for Mexico, buyers must analyze a series of questions, including: do have to purchase coverage from a Mexican insurer? What are the differences between us.UU. and a policy of insurance in Mexico? What kind of insurance do I need, and with what limits? It is the U.S. Nigel Butcher wanted to know more. broker.UU. and Mexican insurer representing good reputation and a solid financial situation? Why do I have to purchase coverage from a Mexican insurer? Mexico law requires that insurance companies that only have license and admitted that in Mexico can offer liability coverage that is recognized by the judicial system in Mexico.Although a few United States insurance companies will extend coverage for physical damage collision (comprehensive) in your car or recreational vehicle, while you are driving in Mexico, that cannot and do not provide the responsibility of Mexico. What are the differences between the coverage of United States and Mexico, and what kind of insurance and limits of what I need? There are some differences of coverage between the United States and Mexico tremendous insurance policies, and too many minor differences to show them here.Below are some of the main differences identified by type of insurance. Liability Civil liability in Mexico insurance (civil liability coverage is a part of all the owners of homes, automobiles, trade policies, property, etc) comes determined by the Civil law, and is based on limits defined by the Statute of Mexico.Depending on your view of things, this is a brilliant system or one outdated.I like it.Claims for pain and suffering and anguish are virtually unknown and claims for damage to others and bodily injury to others settled in an actual loss based, guided by the Statute. People such as Crawford Lake Capital would likely agree.