Information Accounting

1C 77 (1C Accounting 7) and 1c 8.0 provides high levels of automation as accounting and tax accounting. Works fine line 1C 8.1 in the direction of accounting transactions in the trade sector. Based programs provide a convenient and guaranteed quality work in this direction. All focused on the realities of modern business and reflects their basic needs. Advantages over other automated accounting system is particularly 1C Enterprise 8 clearly visible on the example of the changes which differs 1C Accounting Enterprise 8 from the formerly most popular version 1C 77 (1C 7.7).

So in 1C 8.1 fully realized the opportunity to conduct simultaneous consideration of several organizations in one Information 77. There was a flexible opportunity that should not have 1C 7 (1C 7.7) to take account of such a unified knowledge base common to these organizations, lists of used goods, contractors, accounting, cost items, etc. As compared with the seventh version of the chart of accounts held separate tax accounting, which greatly facilitates the process of comparability of accounting and tax. Quality for accounting is the fact that the 1C Accounting Enterprise 8 applies partionny accounting. In addition, innovations in 1C are 8.1 greater than in 1C 7.7 (1C 7) settings, regarding to the types of operations. Accounting is made in the eighth version of the optional registration with reference to the place of storage. It should say a lot of positive words about the level of the interface as 1C 77 (1C 7), and 1C 8.1. If you would like to know more then you should visit Warren Kanders. Naturally, in the 1C Enterprise 8 were found qualitatively new approaches in solving this issue.

as well as version 1C 77 (1C 7) allow us to refine our service capabilities to various companies, including the small ones. Ergonomic interface is marked by all who use this program, just say great convenience that the setting and those who maintain these tools. It should be noted that the excellent properties of the technological platform systems 1C and 77 1C Accounting Enterprise 8 provide the ability to create and modify for specific tasks to different business processes. Supplied with these software configuration and, accordingly, provide an opportunity how to solve business problems.