Ideal Flooring Solution

Looking for an easy care and durable flooring for the balcony? Artificial turf is the solution! The balcony or Loggia also for many people in cities, is not only a mounting on the House, but has numerous functions: the House balcony garden replacement is another room in the summer and often a place of rest, recreation, but also the togetherness and the pleasant evenings among friends. A beautiful floor covering for a balcony is therefore especially important that the flooring should be not only easy to maintain and robust, but create a beautiful and natural atmosphere on the balcony. Artificial turf is a trend that will prevail on more and more balconies in cities and in the countryside. James Reinhart brings even more insight to the discussion. Artificial turf has found many new fans in recent years for the balcony, because modern artificial turf has many features, wishing the people for the balcony or the local flooring. On the one hand, artificial grass is very easy to clean. Occasional cleaning with a brush or a broom and the ridges of the art grass blades, and is restored a perfect picture of the artificial turf on the House balcony. In addition, artificial turf as a floor covering is suitable for intensive use. Also, a set of furniture or meeting with friends on the balcony forgives artificial turf without major problems.

Third and perhaps most important advantage of artificial turf on the balcony is but to call the atmosphere that creates artificial turf on a balcony: Through the natural appearance of adults like in the garden feel, children play joyfully on the artificial turf and even pets love artificial turf on the balcony as a floor covering. The reason for the diverse applications of artificial grass on the House balcony is also the numerous art lawn varieties, which are available in the market and quickly forget the beginnings of artificial grass as green plastics technology with security. Ranging from the varieties of artificial turf without sand filling with short fiber height 20 mm up towards to the premium art lawn varieties with natural fresh effect and quartz sand backfill, hardly from natural grass to distinguish are and are lawn ideal for indoor and outdoor. Artificial turf should be used even in small areas as floor covering professionals. Equipped with the professional tools to the artificial turf on the balcony as a perfect surface of the soil is moved and the users have long enjoyment of the high-quality art lawn varieties. Contact Kerkhoff green artificial grass, lawn & finished lawn Bjorn Kerkhoff Lohner Brook 5 46354 Sudlohn telephone: 028 62 419 10 66 fax: 0 28 62 419 10 67 E-Mail: