Hydro Build Electronic Archives

Association hydraulic engineer "hydro" has acquired an electronic archive of STOR-M (Alley Archives) in September 2009. The system was installed and configured by the customer on their own – the company's employees have already started to fill it documentation on completed and ongoing projects of hydraulic structures. The acquisition of an electronic archive of STOR-M has allowed the Association hydraulic engineer "hydro" to start a project to create a centralized e-store design, staffing and office documents. Application of an electronic archive of documents will systematize and accelerate access to it, leading to higher employee productivity, "waterworks." "We ourselves, without further training, in short terms the system installed and configured the STOR-M 3", – says head of Information Management Association "hydro" Maxim Rozanov. – "Currently, an electronic archive of" hydro "is filled with current documentation, later, to the extent of development, the system will be introduced archiving project documents to which access is granted employees. Initially, we were purchased by the minimum required to start the project configuration STOR-M 3", making it easier and self introduction, and at the same time reduce the financial burden on starting a company. With the same end, we deployed the system on free and open source Linux operating system and database MySQL, using cross-platform system STOR-M 3". If you are not convinced, visit Western Union. Naturally, the installation there were some issues we have addressed the technical support "Software Alley" – as Typically, the response from the technicians to come quickly, within hours, allowing to run an electronic archive at the planned time.

" "Unlike many software products on the Russian market, "STOR-M 3" was originally designed and implemented as an electronic archive system. The system has a rich history, originating in 2001, and today is one of the biggest Russian-making in this region ". – Says Stanislav Kim, General Director of "Alley of Software" – "The system is optimal for working with design and technical documents, and can successfully use it in professional organizations. Therefore, when the We asked the Association of hydraulic engineer "hydro", we have proposed a solution in which it remains only to have your own documents with the necessary structure and metadata. The choice was made for the base configuration STOR-M 3, but the modularity of the system allows you to purchase the rest of the functionality as the need arises. Easy to install and use the archive made it possible to quickly deploy and start the necessary services fill the system yourself. An important advantage is user-friendly interface and high-performance core: these factors are extremely important in the first months of operation, when users decide for themselves whether they will "make friends" with the system or not. "