Human Resources

Within the same context of homonatropia, should seek to recover the dignity of this trilogy or formula vital for life. Rescatemonos both human beings, nature as work or essential work human beings need the intervention of new ideas and paradigms that allow us to undertake life differently and definitely if it is not in a utopia, it could be within a context where the vital prevail over the commercial materialism. Avoid: – Unemployment – The destruction of nature – The disorganization in cities – competition between political ideologies nonsense (in all cases complementation) – The imbalance in the distribution of the population – Other In this case the idea is to raise the development and implementation of a global circulation coin solely and exclusively to the issue concerning labor and social security. Before entering the coin with regard to social or occupational functioning, its peculiarities, it is appropriate to highlight some points needed to clarify this proposal, suggesting, or apologizing for the lack of economic fact, from the premises of the capitalist system and its paradigms, it proposal is based on human principles – social and, in any form, tries to fit into the established economic system. It is common to read, hear, see and feel both nature and humans have given us outstanding features that gives us greater or lesser quality than other similar and we quote in the labor market, namely supply and labor demand; understand is normal to accept that life has quality, like humans or occupationally speaking, "The Human Resource" who must have a certain quality to settle in a job, which impacts on their salary or wages, as well as the quality is of this or that mineral or nature (raw material). .