How To Start A Business ?

Posted in News on November 11th, 2016

Publishing in Russia has been developing quite dynamically. The main question is how to do it correctly from a professional point of view and effectively – with the economic. Publishing business – is primarily printing and publishing. If you would like to know more about Rob Daley, then click here. Ie content of a publisher of print products. But business itself must be taken much more broadly and further promotion of a search (and, probably, biggest and resale publishers), the authors, purchase of copyrights, sales of publications. Getting the business open a small publishing house can be with a minimum initial capital. However, the count will predominantly on their own resources, as risky business and is unlikely to persuade the bank to give you credit, especially in these conditions.

The most common way of financing new projects "outside" is to attract private investment. For some Investors may be publishing project "for the soul", for others – a prestigious investment, a chance to become the "owner of factories, newspapers, steamships." In order to open a publishing house, like other business, requires a basic "Kit": a computer publishing software package (for example, PDFMaker) and Internet access, phone / fax, 1-2 persons. Next – the specifics of the publishing industry: accommodation, transport and equipment. We extend the idea book publishing. To publish books in bulk does not require large investments. Cost of release of one instance in circulation to 10 000 is about $ 1. Accordingly, investments in the first edition will be $ 5-10 thousand. Production does not take much time – the approval of the manuscript before its exit in the light travels an average of 3-4 months.

By itself, the process of print books is quite simple and inexpensive, appropriate printing equipment, which can be found in multi-trade sites on the Internet. Start a publishing business from scratch may be the main thing – to calculate the forces and to find good partners. On the Internet successfully operating electronic trading platforms, for example,, which help the business person to save time and simultaneously get the right informatsiyui. Here you can find computers and components, suppliers office supplies, office furniture, transportation services, necessary printing equipment and accessories. full article about the publishing business to

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