Past, future and gift or would be: past, future in gift? The division of the time for these paradigms is not used of full and absolute form, not necessarily the past occupies its place in the line of the time, in the same way that the future not ece of fish solely ahead of what we call gift. The past, described time to be armed of lived facts already, however is not followed to the scratch for the proper creators of the secular concepts, (we ourselves) the past if it transforms into gift becoming more contemporary of what the proper gift. When suffering a projection futursticas the past becomes future, acquitting expectations and importncias that would fit to a new future that already would be present future. The future in turn is lead to the gift or reactionary to the past, varying of the human interest. Constantly this complex variation of time that confused the mind in such a way human being is present in our lives, since a mere act in the protection of house in seio of the familiar love until the decisions important that they would change lives of all a state. Of natural and imperceptible form we modify the order of the time. Armed of a controlling instinct, one of the great human desires always was the manipulation of the time. How in the films of Hollywood who would not like to have a machine that when pressing of a button could decide all the errors of the past or unmask the future and know new things unimaginable? In we do not give account to them, harms we have this machine, and the red button is pressed all the times that we leave souvenirs or plans to intervine in our gift causing in shuffle of the secular lines, the difference of the films is the happy end, everything finishes giving certain, in ours schemes to travel for the o time can becomes dangerous, a time that to be worried about the twenty four hours of the gift is a mission that makes to tremble to any personage super-hero with the world and to interlace as much ' ' for something and se' ' of the past with as much ' ' when and tomara' ' of the future, it causes logically a sobrecarregamento of secular ideas suffered by the present o and the gift, in such way that this leaves of to be lived in its essence without the which had exploitation, starting to be deposit of remaining portion of old souvenirs, or drawer of dusty plans, that occupies all space in the archive of the life.