High-quality Bioledex LED Spotlights In The Assortment Of Elba Electronics

Posted in News on June 30th, 2016

The highly efficient use of energy LED lighting not only because is the lighting of the present and the Zukunft…und… Events such as the nuclear disaster of Japan have made the political discussion on the nuclear phaseout and production of electricity using renewable energy for continuous discussion. In the medium term, it is clear in this context, electricity will be more expensive. And now even household lighting-related electricity costs at 2nd place, right behind those for refrigerators and freezers. The company elba electronics from Ulm in the Swabian Alb, specializes on the development and sales of energy-efficient LED lighting. The Bioledex LED spotlights LED Fluter_R.php represent a “top sellers” in this sector. Because in addition to a stainless steel housing made of aluminium, a 120 degree beam angle, as well as the classification of protection class IP65, which allows the use of in the outdoor area, the Bioledex achieve illumination led high brightness with the lowest consumption.

Be with only 10 Watt power consumption reached 900 lumens, this is achieved with conventional halogen lights only with a consumption of about 100 Watts. Depending on the model up to 4000 lumens at only 50 Watts can be consumption reached halogen spotlight would consume, approx. 500 Watts. Spotlights of built-in LED chips in the Bioledex – led guarantee a service life of up to 50000 hours. The the Bioledex LED floodlights are in many areas the optimum application find it however in the illumination of court and indoor as well as the lighting of building surfaces. As with all products of range of, the company granted elba electronics of course also on the Bioledex – LED floodlights full 2 year warranty.

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