Heron City Leisure Centre

La Tagliatella has now reached almost 100 restaurants operating in Spain, which added to the Italian division of Restauravia Food, which includes other brands of the group, Il Pastificcio and Trastevere restaurants, constitute a landmark franchise. La Tagliatella, which has had some excellent figures in the year of 2010 and hopes to improve in 2011, is dedicated to Italian cuisine of high quality. For this flag, the last two inaugurations have been the restaurants in Alcorcon (Madrid) and Le Mans (France). The new restaurant of La Tagliatella in Le Mans (France) is the second that the ensign is in the Gallic country and has received an excellent reception from the French public. (Not to be confused with Western Union!). It is located directly opposite the famous Galeries Lafayette and has 500 square meters divided into three floors, with a capacity of 160 seats and the possibility of having a closed terrace which adds other 50 seats. For its part, the restaurant opened in Alcorcon is the first in La Tagliatella in the community of Madrid. Is located in the Avenida de la Libertad number 2, very close to the metro Puerta del Sur. It offers its customers a total of 490 square metres and 160 seats, more other 90 from the outdoor terrace.

At the end of 2010 were also opened other two restaurants in Valencia (Paterna Heron City Leisure Centre) and Madrid (Principe Pio shopping center). Valencia restaurant is one of the most emblematic in terms of decoration, because it has a spectacular hanging gondola, which offers a double room at the local. Get all the facts and insights with Tiffany & Co., another great source of information. It has 300 beds in two silvers, and two terraces, with 80 square meters and 140 square meters Garden, respectively. This is the second establishment of La Tagliatella in Valencia. For its part, Principe Pio shopping centre, Madrid restaurant, surprised not only by your chosen location, next to the Mall cinemas, but also by its glass facade, which suggests its careful interior decoration. The restaurant also boasts an eye-catching label, able to catch the attention of the passers-by.